beloved Beloved

beloved Beloved


How can You be so evident
and yet
completely missed
as we search for You


How can You be so simple
and at the same time
so subtle
that overlooking You
takes priority?


How can You be so clear
and nakedly
yet only be referred to
in riddles?


How can You be so Total
so inescapably
and yet
be nothing knowable
or nameable?

~ ml


12 thoughts on “beloved Beloved

    • Oh Susan, you are so welcome – I delight that you *hear* and that you care to comment. Thank you!
      Love, always
      ~ miriam louisa

    • Thank you dearest Mags for your heart-full and touching comment. I am grateful.
      With love, always
      ~ miriam louisa

      • Excellent! (reading this morning: “For that which manifests itself is the very condition of our knowledge of the manifestation and hence it escapes our notice” – Well, it did not escape yours!)

      • Thanks for another brilliant quote dear AM. Your reading material is indeed profound!
        I so hope readers here make their way over to your blog and enjoy the rich offerings there.
        Love always
        ~ ml

  1. Yes. And echoing Alberto, I suppose it is the very nature of being — because it is already, and always there, we fail to recognize it. Reveling in all your sage words. Thank you dear Miriam Louisa. xx Katherine

    • Thank you for your wise comment dear Katherine – yes, it’s so peculiar that the plainest of all Truths is, well, too simple to be believed! In fact, belief seems to be the agent that obscures it entirely. What a comedy!
      Love always
      ~ ml

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