who moves you?

Who moves you?

When you let go of the steering wheel,
when you relax your agenda,
your busy planning,
who moves you?

Who grows the hair on your head?

Who pushes the sprouts up from the ground?

Who moves you?

Right now That is asking you to dance.

Are you willing?

Ready for a red hot tango with… ?

– Chameli Ardagh


Part of a very beautiful heart-whisper from Chameli Ardagh.

Please go to her awakeningwomen site to read the whole invitation – and juicy writing galore.

5 thoughts on “who moves you?

  1. Dear Leslie – you are the wizard of minimalist comments. And every single one of them is appreciated. Thank you.

    I hope you’ve been over to Chameli’s gorgeous site.

    Seeing you swirling sensuously in that red hot tango … with

    ~ ml

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