emptiness, smiling

Who are you

when you stop needing

to be heard?


Who are you

when you no longer hunger

to be understood?


Who are you

when your addiction

to appreciation

is gone?


You are, sweet one,

an Emptiness so

unobstructed and undefended

that the arrows loosed

by gods and men

pass clear through.


And your smile

betrays a serenity

that’s unassailable.


Your Buddha Smile


Your smile!


– miriam louisa

4 thoughts on “emptiness, smiling

  1. How lovely to hear from you again, dear Ellen – I’m happy that the words resonate for you.

    The picture … well, I see that same smile in your tiny photo!

    Love always
    ~ ml

    • Your sweet enthusiasm makes this heart smile – grin, actually. 🙂

      Thank you dear Leslie.

      Love always
      ~ ml

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