all that dignifies, gives life, and astonishes

Another rendition of The Lord’s Prayer, or Jesus Prayer, translated from the original Aramaic by Mark Hathaway.


O source of the Wave,

which envelops and embraces the cosmos,
sustaining and renewing it at each moment,

Penetrate the deepest recesses of our hearts,
and there create a space for Thy holy shrine.

In this nuptial chamber,
conceive the creative potency of Thy Reign,

So that we may give birth to the embodiment of Thy desire:
as from the emanation, so too in form.

With passion and soul let us generate
that which is needed to sustain life this day.

Release us from the bondage of our karma,
as we free others from the captivity of their guilt.

And do not let superficiality cause us to vacillate,
but rather free us from all that impedes growth.

For from Thee bursts forth all that
dignifies, gives life, and astonishes,
from cycle to cycle, restoring wholeness.  Ameyn.

Translation by Mark Hathaway


thy queendom come

from birthing to birthing


8 thoughts on “all that dignifies, gives life, and astonishes

    • Dearest Leslie – I too am very touched by these alternative versions of The Lord’s Prayer. They seem so deep and rich and … human.
      There are still a few more to be posted. Perhaps you know of others? Let me know!
      Love always
      ~ ml

    • Thank you dearest Susan. Imagine the boundlessness of the heart that expressed the original Aramaic words!
      Love and gratitude to you always
      ~ ml

  1. Ever Rethinking “The Lord’s Prayer”

    by R. Buckminster Fuller

    Thinking as best I may of all humans who have in all time dwelt upon our planet,
    Thinking swiftly of all those I have known – family, friends, unfriendlies, antisocials, successful and unsuccessful, exalted and tortured,
    And thinking of planet earth as I have come to know it by direct experiencings, and 36 encirclings, thousands of continental criss-crossings, and millions of local to and fro-ings,
    And thinking of our planets bigness to me at almost negligible magnitude our planet of only one small star in our galaxy of 100 billion stars which is only one of the now-known billion such galaxies,
    And trying to think omni-inclusively on behalf of all histories earthian humans, I say in my thoughts ever reminding myself as I progress in thinking that I am speaking only on behalf of all individuals present and past and to come.
    I say,

    Our God, Who art in we even,
    Even we who know most intimately of our own weaknesses, failures, faults and outright sins our selfishnesses, fears, and cupidity our moments of jealousy, rage, and hate, secret cover-ups, lies and self-deceits,
    God even of we, Our God, our intuitively apprehended, comprehensive admonisher and Omni-experience is your identity.

    You have given us because You are Omni-experience overwhelming manifest of:
    Your complete knowledge,
    Your complete comprehension,
    Your complete concern,
    Your complete wisdom,
    Your complete responsibility,
    Your complete coordination,
    Your complete competence to cope positively with any and all problems,
    And Your utter reliability always so to do.

    Yours, Dear God is all the glory.
    You are the utterly mysterious Integrity of omni-regenerative Universe.
    We have absolute confidence and faith in You.
    You are the Synergetic Integral of All Truths as best we can see,
    And we worship You awe-inspiredly, thankfully, rejoicingly and lovingly.
    For it is humanly feasible to be in awe of Truth, humanly feasible to be thankful for and to rejoice and to love the Truth,
    All of which lead to Absolute Truth beyond the comprehension of humans.”

    Bucky Fuller was continually reconsidering his (and our) ever changing reality, and one of his disciplines was to regularly reconsider and rewrite The Lord’s Prayer to align with this personal experience. Even though he was always extremely busy and constantly traveling, inventing, lecturing and working on behalf of all humankind, he still had time for this seemingly esoteric endeavor.

  2. A transcription of
    B U C K M I N S T E R F U L L E R ’ S
    F O U N D V I A

    Oh god, our father —
    our furtherer
    our evolutionary integrity unfolder
    who are in heaven —
    who art in he-even
    who is in everyone
    hallowed (halo-ed)
    be thy name
    (be thine identity)
    halo-ed —

    the circumferential radiance
    the omnidirectional aura of
    our awareness of being
    ever in the presence
    of that which is greater,
    more exquisite
    and more enduring
    than self —

    haloed be thine identification
    which is to say
    the omnidirectional
    vision and total awareness
    is a manifest of your identity
    which name or identity is
    most economically stated as:
    truth is your identity —

    by truth we mean
    the ever more
    inclusive and incisive
    which never reaches
    but always approaches
    closer to
    perfection of understanding
    and our awareness is ever
    a challenge by truth —

    truth is embraced by and permeates
    the omnidirectionally witnessible integrity
    of omni-intertransforming events
    which ever transpire — radiationally
    which means, entropically in the physical;
    and contractively — gravitationally —
    which means, syntropically in the metaphysical
    both of which — are characterised by either
    the physical expansions
    toward ever-increasing disorder,
    of the entropic physical;
    or the metaphysical contractions
    toward ever-increasing order
    of the syntropic metaphysical;
    and these pulsating
    altogether propagate
    the wave and counterwave oscillations
    of the electromagnetic spectrum’s
    complex integration —
    of the omnienvironment’s
    evolutionary reality
    and its concomitant
    thought regeneration
    which altogether constitute
    what we mean by total being.

    or haloed
    “be thy name,” which means
    your identification to us,
    Your kingdom come! —
    your mastery of both
    the physical and metaphysical Universe
    emerges as the total reality
    your will be done —
    your will of orderly
    consideration and mastery
    of the disorderly be done
    on our specialised case planet
    and in our specialised case beings
    and in our special-case consciousness
    and in our special-case intellectual integrities
    and in our special-case teleologic integrities
    as it is in your generalised case he-even (heaven).

    We welcome each day our daily evolution
    and we forgive, post give, and give
    all those who seemingly
    trespass against us
    for we have learned retrospectively
    and repeatedly
    that the seeming trespasses
    are in fact the feedback of our own negatives,
    realistic recognition of which
    may eliminate those negatives.

    For yours, dear god —
    oh truthful thought
    is our expression proven manifest
    of your complete knowledge,
    your complete understanding,
    your complete love and compassion,
    your complete forgiveness —
    subjective and objective,
    your complete inspiration and vision giving,
    and your complete evolutionary volition,
    capability, will, power, initiative
    timing and realisation —
    for yours is the glory —
    because you are the integrity
    and forever

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