once you know

Once you know

and you know that you know

that you are unknowable


and you fall headlong

into that wideawake wonderment

taking ITs name

as your own

at last,

at last,

IT takes over.

IT creates a new order

in the apparition

called body

and the energy mandala

called mind.

IT choreographs the dance:

the giving,

the emptying,

the cleansing

of the field


the opening and ordering

of a new life


ceaselessly forming and

re-forming and


with energy,


with Light,

and you find your place

as ITs centre


you are home at last.


– miriam louisa

8 thoughts on “once you know

    • Lovely to know you’ve been by dear Maria – thanks for the appreciative wee comment!
      Love always
      ~ miriam louisa

  1. I used to know as you do,
    sitting on my Zafu…

    But now it’s all slipped through…
    All gone, unable to recall this “knowing”
    that I was so sure I knew…

    All “knowing” now just a memr’y,
    overgrown with life’s stories,
    cluttered by the mind’s debris.

    Waiting again for clarity.

    Humbly – Christine

    • Bowing to you dearest C – to whatever it is in you that is ceaselessly awareing the knowing and the forgetting and the waiting and the longing …
      Love always love
      ~ ml

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