you might wonder why you ever hungered for Truth

Do you really want this?  Or do you just want your fluffy ideas about IT to ice your life with sweet pink sugar?  It’s oft been said that the reality of this eyelid-ripping calamity called awakening turns out to be the last thing imagined by the erstwhile seeker.  I cannot argue with this.

When the Beloved gets you by the short curlies dear seeker IT surely will turn you inside out and shake you all about.  IT will sweep through you like a triple-dose laxative.  You will find yourself doing all sorts of unexpected things – things you’d never have been party to in the days when you knew so well what it would be like when . . .

When this savage wisdom enters the lifestream you call “me” IT will re-align anything that’s out of order – dysfunctional, dis-eased – without you having to visit your therapist.  IT will have you performing rituals of cleansing and forgiveness on your knees – yes, you who loved to hide behind the nondual façade and ask but who could err and who could be hurt?  IT will, as my Aussie mates like to say “Rip you in three and plait you.”  To plait is to braid, and Truth has a different twist to your Life skein than you could ever have imagined.

You might wonder why you ever hungered for Truth.  You might even furtively look for a way out.  But Truth’s flow is a one way surge and there are no exits.

Be very sure you really want this.  If you do, be ready to lose everything you think you are and IT is.  If that sounds extreme, you aren’t ready for Truth’s embrace and for the sweet peace that truly “passeth all understanding.”  Which is no problem at all, because whatever you are ready for is the play of Creation, creating.  To Truth, you see, it makes no difference at all.  The dance goes on regardless.

~ miriam louisa

Note – Truth/IT/Beloved/Creation all refer to the same ineffability in this post.


9 thoughts on “you might wonder why you ever hungered for Truth

    • Mags – I am delighted you left a comment so I could find my way to your blog and your writing. What a treasure!

      Thank you for your words – it’s clear that you know exactly what I’m ‘on about.’

      A deep bow to you

      ~ miriam louisa

  1. Dear ml ~ As you might guess, I love this post! So authentic. So Brilliant! I’m still in the shredder of the Beloved (as you know). And there’s no stop button! Laughing, OM-ing, Crying, Surrendering, Dancing – C

    • Oh Christine – how beautiful – I am holding you in this vast heart!

      Do have a look at Mags’ blog – The Vibrant Heart. You will find much that resonates.

      (Why are all these adorable women in the northern hemisphere?)

      Love always

      ~ ml

  2. Oh, the short curlies. What a great image. I can feel it. Lately I’ve been grousing a bit over my own process. Seems as if I can’t get away with anything lately–anything which is less than authentic. Because, when I do–and it may be a minor slip of the tongue or thoughtless gesture–I am sick in my belly and itchy in my skin. Which means, then, I must practice compassion, self-forgiveness, over and over again. Thanks for another beautiful and gripping (!) post.

    • Dear, dear Ellen, this is so true – nothing escapes the Beloved’s notice! I so well know the “sick in my belly and itchy in my skin” number – especially the latter. It’s what led me to really look into my duplicity, which wasn’t even conscious.

      But the genuine gesture of releasing and giving back to Emptiness seems to satisfy Beloved. Miraculous. May it never end!

      Thank you for your beautiful sharing in this comment.
      Love always
      ~ ml

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