let them know they are loved

Dear Friends –

Please take a moment to go to
this beautiful site
Light a Candle
for all those who are homeless, heartbroken
suffering and scared
in Japan.

Let them know they are loved.

Please light another one for all those who are helping with this tragedy.

Thank you for joining me in this gesture.

~ ml


2 thoughts on “let them know they are loved

  1. What a beautiful gesture! Thank you for sharing this with us! And of course I love your phrase: “let them know they are loved.” That is the crux of it isn’t it – sending whispers of love to hurting hearts in whatever ways we can, practically or in prayer… Love to you… C

    • Yes, dear C – and how interesting that my eye goes to your word “crux” and sees a cross …
      May our “whispers of love” be heard across the planet … across the universe.
      ~ ml

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