no act of kindness is too small

A few months ago I asked my cyber-mates to join me in an embrace of those affected by a mining disaster on the West Coast of New Zealand.  The responses reminded me again of how much generosity of spirit resides in the human heart and how deep our shared humanity runs.

Today I reach out to you again.  The beautiful city of Christchurch – rocked by a massive earthquake just five months ago without casualty – has been hit again.  This time, as you will all know by now from your own local news footage, the damage has been horrific and lives have been lost.

Christchurch is close to my heart; countless happy times have been spent there, including a period of residence in one of those glorious old homes now reduced to rubble.  I am relieved to know my family members are safe, although their houses are uninhabitable.

Please join me again in embracing all those affected by this disaster, including the emergency rescue workers and medicos, everyone.  I thank you, I bow deeply.


Right now, we can help by rallying around those who are grieving, supporting those whose livelihoods are in peril.

My message to all Kiwis who want to help is – act on that desire.

No act of kindness is too small.

Right now, you can help by offering support to friends and family who are hurting. Offer them a bed or a roof over their head if that is what they need. Make your donations to help those who have been hit hardest.

As infrastructure recovers, your visits to Christchurch will be welcome.

Above all, throughout this journey, offer those affected your love.

Know that your humanity is more powerful than any act of nature. 

~ From this morning’s speech given by Prime Minister John Keys, who has declared a National State of Emergency.


The entire transcript of John Key’s speech can be read here:


6 thoughts on “no act of kindness is too small

    • Thank you dear Ellen. I don’t know how it works, but I know it makes a difference when we simply hold the actuality of whatever is afflicting others within a peaceful heart.
      I am relishing your beautiful – and authentic – writing on your blog as well. And the photos are stunning!
      With love
      ~ miriam louisa

  1. Dearest ml ~ It has been on the news here… I pray that the cries of the broken hearted are heard and that all will *feel* cradled in the Heart of the Beloved. Sending whispers of love your way… LoveC

    • Thank you dearest Christine – your prayer is so beautifully expressed. I’m sure our loving whispers will be felt …
      With love
      ~ ml

    • Thank you sweet Leslie – every small prayer is an act of kindness, and will be felt at some unknowable level. May we all rest in our oneness with those Hands.
      ~ ml xx

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