from birthing to birthing

Mark Hathaway has generously given me permission to post versions of the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer, or Jesus Prayer, published on his website: These renditions are based on his studies with Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz, whose website is

Mark is an author, web designer, and freelance “ecologian” studying the inter-relationships between ecology, economics, spirituality, and cosmology.  His latest book, co-authored with Leonardo Boff, is called The Tao of Liberation – Exploring the Ecology of Transformation; please go to for more information.

For those interested in learning more about the Aramaic version of Jesus’ sayings, Prayers of the Cosmos by Neil Douglas-Klotz (Harper and Row, 1990) is highly recommended.


O Divine Womb,
birthing forth the river of blessing which runs through all,

Soften the ground of our being,
and hallow in us a space for the planting of thy presence.

In our depths,
sow thy seed with its greening-power
that we might be midwives to thy Reign.

Then, let each of our actions
bear fruit in accordance with Thy desire.

Impart to us the wisdom to bring forth the gifts of the earth
and share them daily according to the needs of each being,

And restore that which has been usurped
by injustice to its rightful owners,
as we restore to others that which is not our own.

Do not let us be seduced
by that which would divert us from our purpose,
but make us sensitive to the moment at hand.

For from Thy fertile soil is born the creativity,
the life-energy, and the dance,
from birthing to birthing.  Ameyn


thy queendom come


4 thoughts on “from birthing to birthing

  1. Dear Miriam aka Divine Womb 🙂 I found Mark Hathaway’s article on his website astounding – welcoming his approach and translations of the words – having been raised a Christian…(although am no longer). Thank you for sharing this, for bringing these many possibilities to consciousness. The first line in your version here speaks to this Heart – as I have experienced the “Divine” as the Womb of Primordial Stillness” – From the Womb ~ Love, Christine

    • Dearest Christine – I’m so happy you followed the link to Mark’s pages and found the rich resource of wisdom there.
      This is the web at its best – the wondrous facility to share the treasures we unearth in our research….
      Thank you for leaving your womb-birthed comment!
      Inlove ~ m

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