we give thanks for ancient aunties

Listen to me.

Love is all there is.
Nothing more is needed to be known.
So open your heart and, in the name of that love,
welcome every bit of life that awaits you.
Your purpose is to be present, minute by minute,
breath by breath, tomorrow after tomorrow,
to the end of time itself.
~ Emmanuel


Breath by breath I am present as another beloved wise woman,
my mother’s little sister, breathes her last.

Ninety six orbits of the sun – she finally caught up, in earth-time,
with the big sister she was always chasing.

The last of the aunties of the Harrex line has left.
The cousins assemble. There will be celebrations.

She’d like that.

Ahhh, beloved Life. We give thanks for ancient aunties.
We remember their busty lavender loveliness as they hugged us close.
We give thanks.


7 thoughts on “we give thanks for ancient aunties

  1. I have been following your posts for a while. I stumbled onto your site a few months ago, I think, when I was writing a post of my own and was exploring a phrase–I believe it was something about “having your cake and eating it, too.” You had used the phrase in one of your posts.
    I am particularly touched by this post. I love Emmanuel and I love the words you have contributed here in reference to your aunt. The devotion with which you write, not just here, but in all of your posts, is beautiful. Your writing is just lovely.

    • Dear Ellen – what a delight to have your comment, your feedback, and to learn about your two beautiful blogs! Thank you. I am loving your inquiry, your honesty and I find your writing delicious. What a treat! Thank you so much.
      Love from another very wrinkled dancing madwoman 🙂
      ~ miriam

  2. We are so alike. This August my mother’s sister died at the age of 96. My mother had preceded her in death by almost two years. Now they rest together. Life is hard; no question about that. The thing that keeps me going is not wanting to be a burden; instead I choose to write until the words announce hope and realism at the same time. Often I joke about the jam we find ourselves in while living this life as the mystery that it is. The rational mind can only go so far. Lunacy begins to look downright inviting in comparison.

    • Vicki – it’s such a treat to know you’ve stopped by.
      Thank you for your wise words, which – to me – never fail to get that mix of hope and realism … plus wit … just right.
      We of the bereaved, wrinkled, madwomen clan have earned the right to appear as lunatics – viva la luna!
      ~ miriam

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