imagine a life without suffering

Gratitude to Joyce T for introducing me to the writing and teaching of Jan Frazier – we welcome her to our list of wideawake women.


Imagine a life without suffering. Not because bad things have stopped happening in the world or in your personal life. But because your orientation to them has changed. Your orientation to yourself has changed. The end of suffering comes about when you find your way to that primeval sweetness that has never left you, which is the essence of every human being. This essence has never known the swelling of pride or the grip of fear. It has never been lonely or ambitious. When the familiar sense of who you are has softened and grown light, when it is allowed to fall away, what remains is a pool of calm delight. You no longer ask things of your life. Each moment is enough, as it is. Life lived within that awareness is heaven on earth. It is human nature allowed to come to full flower.

~ Jan Frazier


6 thoughts on “imagine a life without suffering

    • Jan’s words certainly touched me deeply too, dear zendot studio. Thanks for your wise comment.
      Greeting you in that “primeval sweetness” we are –
      ~ miriam louisa

    • Good comment @Domjs – thank you!

      The man who has not suffered can never know that suffering is optional.

      Bowing ~ miriam louisa

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