thank you, Beloved, for loving me

Beloved Life

I thank you for this day called Christ-mass
that brings me a yearly reminder of
what it means to be innocently human,
to be the world without a center

to be born anew in humility and childlike wonder,
to be unafraid of things that go moo in the dark,
to trust utterly that Mother who is my source
my sustenance and Light

to rise from my habitude, however apparently binding
and follow the bright star of my heart’s longing
until the uncomplicated and obvious is revealed
in the unborn child within

to set my clever ideas atop a camel in the desert
and with beginner’s mind track that same star,
intent on finding an oasis of Truth that knowledge
and learning cannot reveal

to offer unwrapped gifts that hands have made –
little tokens too humble for a mega store
on the high street but that bring a sweet smile
to eyes that recognize sanctity

I thank you for all the prophets and sages
the awakened ones, the risen ones
the healers and teachers, alive and long gone
who have rebelled and suffered for the cause of Truth
leaving traces of their toil to guide my way

I give thanks for the sweetness
the relief, the body-blessing benediction
that resting in the cradle of Your Presence brings
and most of all I thank You, Beloved
for loving me in spite of


~ miriam louisa


2 thoughts on “thank you, Beloved, for loving me

    • Thank you for commenting dearest Slavka – it never fails to amaze me what gets written when one sits down quietly and breathes into the stillness …
      and the Love that we are is free to whisper …
      ~ ml xoxo

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