from longing to belonging

Of late I’ve been marveling at the profound depth and breadth of this uncensored, unresisted, unfiltered experience of livingness. I’ve written about the immense sorrow and the exalted joyfulness and everything in between. It’s been both wondrous and humbling to realize how I managed, for decades, to make sure the door to unlimited livingness was kept safely chain-locked. Only manageable peeks allowed! Equilibrium must be maintained – no messy wetness around the eyelashes eh?

Well that’s all herstory now, as the scribblings here and elsewhere have made explicit. So it was only fitting that I would find myself – this past week – on retreat with a teacher whose immense and compassionate wisdom encompasses the limitless interbeing of life. And whose passion is the sharing of that wisdom.

Falling into this gracious and immeasurable Awareness and knowing it as ‘I’ is a big enough shock. Realizing that this inescapable un-locatable … whateveritis … melts one into seamless intimacy with the movement of Life in its inconceivable creative unfolding is the aftershock that keeps coming and coming and coming like an unstoppable orgasm.

Tarchin Hearn is wise to this. I think he’s a shaman disguised as a very non-sectarian Buddhist. He would chuckle and grin widely. I could write much about my week with him; how he helped me ‘adjust’ to this intimacy, how he opened up fresh vistas of wonderment and refreshed that soft fragile childlike curiosity that had been sidelined over the last difficult decade. But today I just want to offer you a taste of his gentle eco-poetry.
– ml

Going for refuge is ‘longing.’

Being refuge is ‘belonging.’

Everything mirroring, echoing, and creatively responding.
This mysterious temple of knowing.
This paramecium, this bacteria, this person,
this family, this forest, this butterfly,
each a temple of uniqueness,
mutually longing for
and belonging in
every other temple of longing and belonging.
Ocean currents of temple-ing
floating in sensual warmth of never ending
consummation and freshness.

– Tarchin Hearn

5 thoughts on “from longing to belonging

  1. Dearest ml ~ How absolutely beautiful – being in “seamless intimacy with Life” with *awareness.* “…opening vistas of wonderment and child-like curiosity that has been sidelined…” Wow – I resonate so deeply with this – from the sideline still – at the “edge of Reality” if you will (I think You know what I mean)…

    Hope you keep writing about your lovely retreat experience and keep sharing the wonderment and wisdom that emerged. My child-like curiosity has been piqued. Much love ~ *Twinkle* Christine

  2. Thank you dear *Twinkle* – a beautiful response – as always 🙂

    Your own beautiful blog reveals a woman wholly immersed in curiosity about, and wonderment of, her livingness – an inspiration for us all. Keep up the sweet sharing, dear one.

    ~ ml

  3. Right here — two of my favorites — at exposing the Way to the ever present and seamless intimacy with Life. Both of you sparkle in this heart with a joy that beckons me further in (even if not in a straight line)…for This that you speak I am deeply grateful and in love with. May this love meet Love, joy embrace Joy and enthusiasm meet deep Peace and Rest.
    XOXO -Leslie

    • God save us from straight lines dear Leslie!

      Thanks for your sweet and heart-full comment, and for your prayer for us all – to which I whisper my ‘amen.’

      In love and gratitude

      ~ ml

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