it’s totally beyond me…

Sitting this morning at summer’s window
what quirk of destiny’s unfolding
to the conviction of separation in
a human mind

How is it possible to so thoroughly
in something (a solid independent ‘me’)
that has never been able to be proven
to exist?

How is it possible to turn this
into a seeker who desperately
to be free of itself and its stories? (huh?)

How is it possible to
the in-your-face obvious and
that the present presents with
every nano-second of aliveness?

How could anything so
and unavoidable
turn into a mystery, a concept
that would fuel galaxies of
religious and philosophical

It’s totally beyond me…

(literally and figuratively)

But it’s bloody marvelous all the same.


~ miriam louisa


7 thoughts on “it’s totally beyond me…

  1. Two words: Inkblot test ;-).

    If the inkblots are “out there” outside of me, and thought is “in here” inside of me, how is it that I can see (for example) a man riding a bicycle in the inkblots?

    Where’s the actual line of division between “in here” and “out there” ?

    love and peace…

    • Tim! You know as well as I do. “Truly – all is this Light,” to quote your dear self.
      The inkblots and the thought and the man on the bicycle and inside and outside are all arisings within this Unlit Light that is all-there-is.
      A line of division has never been found, amazingly, yet we still love to believe one exists somewhere.
      Thanks for leaving your comment …
      ~ ml

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