‘I’ – liberated from the ‘am’

wee-me thinks
it has a story
but – it is a story!

‘I’ is the One
that knows this


I, Consciousness
I, Knowingness
I, Awareness
I, Unlit Light
I, Beingness
I, Lover


liberated from the ‘am’


~ miriam louisa

2 thoughts on “‘I’ – liberated from the ‘am’

  1. Correct me if I am wrong, but how can the I be separated from Am?
    It is like trying to separate the wave from the sea or the beam from
    the sun. I is the absolute source of all that is, and Am is the activity
    of all that IS. I is the invisible and Am is its manifestation in consciousness.

    • What a beautiful comment dear joni – thank you!
      First I’d like to say that I am in no position to correct you or anyone. Your wisdom shines through your words.
      The language-ing is sometimes so clumsy. My sense of liberation from the ‘am’ refers to the reflex to add an object after the verb ‘am’. It reunites the I with all-that-is as well as all activity, and I write this way because that is simply the experience here. Like you, I can’t find any separation whatsoever.
      Am-ness. I and Am-ness are inseparable. That’s truer, but again …
      ~ ml

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