turning the light around

The path is awareness of Awareness.  The result is Awareness.  By the intention to place our attention upon Awareness instead of upon our self, mind and its mental events or perceptions, both the intention and the placement of attention dissolve into Awareness from whence they arose.  It is in that moment of dissolution or self-liberation that we find comfort and ease in just being effortlessly what we have always been.

In the Taoist and Chan tradition this practice is known as “turning the Light around to shine upon Itself”.  In the Tibetan Dzogchen and Mahamudra traditions this method is know as “reversal” or rulog, in which the energies that make up our mental, emotional and physical existence resolve back into their origin as the Clear Light of Awareness.  Our true nature is this unchanging Clear Light Awareness and everything we experience is its self-display.  And the intention to return to our origin and basis as Clear Light Awareness is a naturally arising quality of the Clear Light itself.  In this way, our Enlightenment as well as all others’ is assured, since that urge towards Enlightenment is an intrinsic dynamic of Awareness Itself.  This is the true meaning of Bodhicitta, the manifestation of compassion and unconditional love that leaves no one behind …

~ Jackson Peterson


Source – Way of Light

(my emphasis)


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