5 thoughts on “listen!

  1. I love this Dearest ML!
    Of all the meditations there is nothing that main-lines straight into the heart faster and more direct than Sound. Any sound. There are a set of chimes outside my window that may as well be the Voice of God. Not ‘may as well be’ — they ARE the voice of God. As is everything.

    • I agree dearest L. “Main-lines” is a good word!

      When the Tui sounded in the predawn my hair stood on end. It literally took my breath away.

      I love the way everything – everything – has the power to return us to pure undivided Aware-ing.


      • Yes…Depending on my ‘state’ of mind 🙂 the middle-of-the-night mockingbirds are be pure paradise.
        A lawn mower too.

    • Ditto, dear Claire. Your blog is rich nourishment – for both the artist and the contemplative.
      ~ miriam louisa

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