there’s no escaping total fulfillment

This bright shining Awareness I have come to call ‘Beloved’ – and to know as ‘I’ – is total fulfillment.

This morning I tried to find anything It needed.  I failed.  It is complete; It cannot be divided.

It is the capacity for every thought, feeling and action.  That’s Its omnipotence.

It is the knowingness in which everything is knowable and known.  That’s Its omniscience.

It is the eternal present, the timeless now, which cannot be measured or escaped from.  That’s Its omnipresence.

But here’s the really awesome bit: try as I might I cannot extricate myself from this (no)thing I call Beloved.  I can experience estrangement and distraction and I can experience joy and graciousness.  But these are simply experiences.  Beloved remains unmoved and unchanged.  Beloved is the ground of all my experiences and the guts of them as well.  And if there’s no escaping the (no)thing that is complete and fulfilled in every way … doh? … huh? … crikey …

~ miriam louisa

[What a marvelous prefix: omni.  Says it all really – and look, it even contains the Sanskrit seed-syllable ‘om’ which I’m told is the energy vibration of Creation.  Good word for God, I reckon.  But I’m committed to ‘Beloved,’ – maybe because of the Be(ingness) and the Love(d).]


3 thoughts on “there’s no escaping total fulfillment

  1. Beautifully lucid… I want to bask here in these words and take them in until every cell *recognizes* this Truth and exudes Its Light – until I am completely taken by the tide…

    Lovebeams back ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ C

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