“I am taken. I have given myself to love”

If you give yourself to love one hundred percent you cannot know what the outcome will be.

Giving yourself to love is laying yourself bare without knowing how you will be used, knowing that however you are used, you are given to love, in service to love.

Whatever your mistakes may be, however you fumble, however you stumble, if it is in service to love it teaches you something.

You pick up and you serve love even more strongly.

You marry love, and you say, “I am yours.”

Then whatever beautiful temptations go by, you say, “I am taken. I have given myself to love.”

There are moments of extreme difficulty in all lives.

When you really give yourself to love then you are not concerned with difficulty or ease.

You may not like difficulty but it is here.

How is it serving love?

Where is love in this, where is silence?

Where is truth?

Then life is the teacher of love.

~ Gangaji


Gratitude to beloved Gangaji. For those living in the Downunderlands, do visit her website for news about her upcoming visits to New Zealand and Australia.


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