looking at life without looking for a way out


this is what I found out, not from a book or a teacher,
but from looking at life without looking for a way out:

the root of all ‘evil’ and of all tragedy and of all pain
is the belief in a solid, separate


in victims and victimizers;

what happens should not happen;

there is a ‘me’ to suffer;

that a way must be found to avoid such suffering

the extent to which this might seem callous and cold
is the extent of one’s addiction to belief in
self as somethinganything

but please, don’t believe me for one minute

please look for yourself


~ miriam louisa

echoes from emptiness


9 thoughts on “looking at life without looking for a way out

  1. Dear Miriam Louisa,
    Thank you for this beautiful post. This is up for me and has been for 10 years. Even within a great perfection does this mean that mistakes are never made…that trust is never compromised or breached? Words are used and they can always go either way…but working through stories from the above, seemingly – that never really ‘happened’ — is a bear.

  2. “…addiction to belief in a separate ‘me’…” as the root of all suffering. And oh how many ways this addiction shows up! This is profoundly powerful and timely for “me”… Will sit with this one at the window. Thank you!

    Love and Gratitude as always – Christine

    • Hello dearest Christine – the amazing thing is that it actually takes so much energy to keep that solid separate ‘me’ intact! To feed it. To protect it. Yet it’s seemingly compulsive to do so – until it isn’t. Whew, the relief! Spaciousness. The window wide open … 🙂

      Love always – ml

  3. Dearest ML,
    Thank you…I look forward to your post. This “…from looking at life without looking for a way out” was there today as there IS no way out. It was quite nice. Nothing special…but certainly not terrorizing thoughts. (Forced into) Being…just as it is.

    • Leslie!

      “… there IS no way out” … “quite nice” … “Nothing special” … “Being…just as it is” …

      That’s all! Perfect!

      Can you believe it?

      Lovingly – ml

  4. Dearest ML!
    Can you believe it? Wellll…yes and no. How does one stabilize in that? How does one see through that one for once and for all?

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