this is awesome, this is wondrous

A week ago I said goodbye to those tropical skies that smile and shower upon the red earth and the tall gums of Capricornia Australia.  I bade farewell to the cackling Kookaburras, the inquisitive geckos, the huge Huntsman spiders…

I said goodbye and they said – Why do you farewell us, You who create us with a simple glance?  A touch?  A sniff or a taste?  A thought?  Are you leaving your mind behind?

A week ago I said hello to the steely temperate skies that hover low, gusty and wet, over this soft green land, Aotearoa New Zealand.  I said hello to the flowering Kowhai and the Tuis probing deep for nectar.  I said hello to the spindly flax, the Toi Tois and the tall cabbage trees tossing in the wind.

And they said – Welcome to yet another empty canvas within Your ever-creative mind.  Welcome, and thank You for giving us existence, for causing us to appear!  Without Your incandescent mind we remain mere patterns of potential in the womb of Emptiness!

This is awesome, this is wondrous:  the knowingness that wherever One goes, there is always only OneSelf unfolding its display in OneMind.

And there’s more – this knowingness, dear One, wears your name-tag.  But don’t be mistaken – it isn’t yours, or mine.  It’s its own OneSelf.

OneSelf, OneMind:  One – and only One.

~ miriam louisa


8 thoughts on “this is awesome, this is wondrous

  1. Dearest ML…
    Thank you for that exquisite, ever-fresh, ever-blank and supremely filled canvas. The stroke of your words paint a wondrous picture of This.

  2. From this ‘name tag’ to your ‘name tag’: Thank you for the wondrous visuals created by your words. I will now see my experiences of Southeast Texas crawfish castles, oil refineries glowing in the night, and imported New Zealand Flax screaming to go back home, with your wondrous eyes; no longer limited by those of this ‘nametagged’ body.

  3. Oh how I wish I could see as you do! 🙂 I know, I know – it’s all the One seeing ItSelf: “There is always only OneSelf unfolding its display…” Beautiful. I will be absorbing these words at the window… Love, Christine

  4. Dearest Christine – it really isn’t anything special you know. It’s the default perspective, inescapable, when One stands as the Aware-ing One is.

    Seeing you at your wonder-window … star dust in your hair …

    Lightly, lightly –


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