how to start the day on spaceship earth

Begin your life, begin each day, begin a session of meditation, nourished by the experience of being seamlessly part of a vast living world.  Before even getting out of bed, pause for a few moments to feel the rhythm of your breathing and settle into the deep interior sensations of your body, an extraordinary community of tens of trillions of cells – all ‘talking’ to each other. Imagine uncountable cellular beings, each of them replicating, travelling, repairing, maintaining, eating, breathing, excreting, forming alliances and symbiotic associations, all functioning together in the process that is your body.

You are alive!  Not only that, but the community that is you, at this very moment is interbeing with myriad other communal beings.  Feel this billion year unfolding of embodied mystery.  In Buddhism, to enter this remembrance is to touch the essence of what is called ‘refuge’; a deep sense of belonging; a vivid acquiescence to participating in a living process that can never be completely mapped out.

Everything that you think, do and feel, has an affect on other beings.  You matter.  We matter.  Everyone matters.  Remembering our roots, or releasing into refuge, can bring a sense of abiding in a way of deep acceptance, wonderment and utter inclusiveness.  This moment before you roll out of bed is a time to feel your own unique sense of being enmeshed in and supported by, the living community of everything and everyone that makes up this world.

~ Tarchin Hearn


4 thoughts on “how to start the day on spaceship earth

    • Me too dear L. There’s something so settling, grounding, humbling, about making the return – to life – at the start of our day. It feels as though one re-melts into the incomprehensibly vast community of Consciousness. Even a second is enough. This is one habit I heartily recommend!

      Thank you for your kind words about THE MOVE…. 🙂

      XXX ml

  1. How beautiful… Each morning before rising I take a few minutes and breathe into the lower dantien and repeat the word “Awareness” or “I am Awareness” and it is amazing the sense of energy that runs through the body, like all the cells “align” or harmonize in some way. And there a sense of being a part of the entire Cosmos. Like a “cosmic intimacy.” It brings a sense of alive Presence to the day.

    LoveLove – C

  2. What an inspiring comment dear C – thank you.

    I agree; a sincere intention from the heart has the capacity to realign and harmonize. It seems to be met by a force that cannot be known or named. I call it Lover. Grace. Life. The One meets Itself …

    I think of Michelangelo’s famous painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel – the finger of man reaching for the finger of God.

    Or, is it the other way around?

    I feel a blogpost coming on ….!

    🙂 from the heart –


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