slow down folks!

I love to brew a cup of wisdom and sit silently with it.  I watch my mind slow down and my body along with it.  My emotions are placid and life is good.  I have to choose to do this; otherwise I am running on autopilot.  I find myself standing in a long Starbucks line where people are espousing half-caf wisdom to go.  Slow down, folks, this is your life you are rushing through.

As I sit with myself, I am able to see things passing across the sky of my mind.  At first the airlane may be crowded with thoughts lining up in a holding pattern.  But the longer I sit, the quicker the planes land and disperse their passengers.  On the whole they were just restless thoughts carrying my emotional baggage as they deplaned.  What’s left is silence.  I sit in the deserted holding gate and see that there are no more planes in sight.  I go to the window and look up at the stars.

~ Vicki Woodyard

source: the nonduality highlights

photo by Punam J R

4 thoughts on “slow down folks!

  1. I love to brew a cup of Miriam Louisa first thing in the morning. Sets the day just perfect with sweetness and love.

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