the Presence of the absence of ‘me’




seven words attempting to describe one thing

a thing that can never be an object,
and therefore, can never be described

how then can It be found?

it can’t – it’s never been lost!

seven words all amounting to the same no-thing:

the Presence of the absence of ‘me’


~ miriam louisa
echoes from emptiness


5 thoughts on “the Presence of the absence of ‘me’

  1. Beautiful, of course! It gives “me” the giggles for some reason – maybe my recognition of Truth… It’s similar to my “seeing” during my “window sitting” times – clear-seeing window 🙂

    Heart Smiles to you ~ Christine

  2. Dear Christine – I just opened the post and saw the exclamation mark formed by the seven words! It made me giggle – it hadn’t been intentional – perhaps that tickled your fancy too … 🙂

    I love to think of you sitting at your *clear-seeing window* in the midnight hour … holding ‘your’ spaciousness open for who-knows-what …

    Thanks for your comment. Light, light! – miriam louisa

  3. ROJO (Red – symbol of the Absolute)

    ¿Qué se puede del rojo decir?
    De la CreaciĂłn el Centro
    E l p u n to i n fi ni to
    el eterno instante
    Esencia inefable
    E l f u e g o
    La lla m a
    A m o r
    L u z
    · (from my book of poems) Coincidence!

  4. I posted something today in response to your lovely poem and wonder if you saw it – you may find it suitable for inclusion here, if you like it. Thank you. Alberto.

    • Thank you Alberto – WordPress had stashed your poem in the spam folder – I’m glad you wrote again!

      What an inspiring expression – I just wish I could understand every word and nuance…

      Gratitude to you for sharing –

      miriam louisa

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