‘I’ is the only player



there has been rain in the night
and the earth’s breath
is fresh and fruity this dawn


what am I?
I am Awareness
that ‘I am’ not
and only ‘I’ is

intellectual acceptance of this
isn’t difficult;
self thinks it has understood something
and is pleased

but as acceptance percolates down
into the darker layers
something called me
isn’t so happy

the battle of battles begins
the outcome is inevitable –
winners in every corner
all bets collectible

turns out there was
only one Player!


~ miriam louisa

echoes from emptiness

image source unknown


2 thoughts on “‘I’ is the only player

  1. “I” has been found out. It is the only player. We cannot help seeing “I” to “I”.

    One thing that “I” often forget is that “I”, more often than not, play very, very rough with myself. “I” am simultaneously appalled and delighted at what “I” am capable of.

    Take a look around – what “I” am saying is true.

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