rest your weary heart and mind

An extract from the page I added recently:
the great perfection


Simply rest in this transparent, nondual present awareness.

Make yourself at home in the natural state of pure presence, just being, not doing anything in particular.
Present awareness is empty, open, and luminous; not a concrete substance, yet not nothing.

Empty, yet it is perfectly cognizant, lucid, aware.

As if magically, not by causing it to be aware, but innately aware, awareness continuously functions.

These two sides of present awareness or Rigpa – its emptiness and its cognizance (lucidity) – are inseparable.

Emptiness and luminosity (knowing) are inseparable.

They are formless, as if nothing whatsoever, ungraspable, unborn, undying; yet spacious, vivid, buoyant.

Nothing whatsoever, yet Emaho!, everything is magically experienced.

Simply recognize this.
Look into the magical mirror of mind and appreciate this infinite magical display.

With constant, vigilant mindfulness, sustain this recognition of empty, open, brilliant awareness.
Cultivate nothing else.
There is nothing else to do, or to undo.
Let it remain naturally.

Don’t spoil it by manipulating, by controlling, by tampering with it, and worrying about whether you are right or wrong, or having a good meditation or a bad meditation.

Leave it as it is, and rest your weary heart and mind.

Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche

4 thoughts on “rest your weary heart and mind

  1. Yes, how beautiful, clear and simple this teaching is that you posted. I resonate so completely! And yet, how easily I fall back into the trance again and again – back behind the veil of *not* seeing clearly… Then Awareness calls “me” back to ItSelf again and again – thankfully 🙂 Thank you for sharing this piece and the link…

  2. And yet, and yet, dear Christine – Awareness is always right there, in the “trance” and “behind the veil”, no?

    Can there be a “trance” without Awareness of it? If it’s seen that one is *not* seeing clearly … that very seeing is Awareness ItSelf. 🙂

    This blew my ‘wee-me’ mind when the penny dropped!

    Thanks so much for your wonderful comments.
    Lovingly, lightly –
    miriam louisa

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