song of the gilded dawn

This Unlit Light: Michael Walsh - Golden Dawn, Derwentwater


My Song

I am the song of the gilded dawn
gently heralding the day,
and the pristine azure sky, calling birds to flight….
Calling birds to take flight!

I am the smell of coffee happily
warming the morning,
and dappled streaks of sunshine across the breakfast table.

I sing as softly billowing clouds,
floating lightly overhead.
Roses are my melody and violets my refrain…
And violets my lilting refrain.

I croon as the sweet, pine-filled air that floats down from the ridge,
Cooling and soothing at eventide,

And starlight fills my lullabies…
STARLIGHT fills my lullabies,
as I slip into the soundless song of night.

~ Carol Travis

For any human being, the most significant light in their life is the light they give, not the light they receive.  And the act of seeing itself isn’t just an act of receiving what is coming from our world.  It is a giving act; it is a creative act.

We paint the world with our spirit, and our spirit is carried on the current of our seeing.  Have you ever noticed that?  … We can wake up in the morning and feel the wonders of the day and therefore see them.
~ David Karchere

Source: Emissaries of Divine Light

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