everything one needs to know

1                    this unlit light, this Presence in which the sense of ‘I’ arises, is eternal.  It is the core of you.  It is never born and never dies.  Best befriend it, for there’s no escape from it.  It’s your ‘I’, my ‘I’ – one, and only one, ‘I’.

2                    God is, like it or not.  However, names (including the God-name), ideas, opinions, descriptions or images of this ineffableness, are lies.  Remove the lies and what remains?  Your ‘I’, my ‘I’.  God is Light, the scriptures tell us.  Unlit Light.  See #1.

3                    Angels exist, as surely as do you.  The easy way to make their acquaintance is to stop believing the story about your aloneness, your separation.  The veil that separates one from the unseen energies which clamor to comfort, to heal, and to guide, is woven of thoughtstuff.  You don’t have to believe in angels, you simply suspend skepticism.  Stop the story.  Silence is like a gilt-edged invitation to your seamless support team.
(Angels taught me this.)

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