no safety net … no suitcases

One day I understood that my personal history was no longer needed.

So I dropped it.

– Don Juan


Radical Discontinuity of Personal History.


Gone.  Gone!


This Unlit Light: leave it all behind


Memo to self: Please ponder this.

Extinction of story-self: trashing of memory files and folders; defrag of system; reformat.

No going back to the old grazing grounds. No replay of the old impulses. No safety-net of sangha, family, friends, colleagues. No suitcases, backpacks, backups.

Who am I without the suitcases crammed with crumpled versions of ‘me’?

I am lightened, that’s for sure; they weighed a ton.

I am lightened?

I am, goodness me, Light itself!

Light of being, knowing, feeling, flowing, unfolding.

Light unborn, unlit, and never not here, now, in this very THIS.


What do you have to do?

Pack your bags,

go to the station without them,

catch the train,

and leave your self behind.

Quite so: the only practice – and once.

– Wei Wu Wei


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