full moon eclipse in aquarius

My astrowiz friend tells me that I was born when the sun and moon were in Aquarius, and that a lunar eclipse was underway. I don’t know the significance of any of that, nor is there much interest. But who could pass by the chance, upon an eclipse of the full moon, in Aquarius, today – 2pm Australian time – to offer up a prayer. (Just in case those cosmic god/esses are bending an ear!)

May we all be free from

– wanting to be admired (respected, liked, right)
– not wanting to be criticized (inferior, wrong, disliked)

– wanting to be happy (free, awakened)
– not wanting to be unhappy (burdened, ignorant)

– wanting to gain (own, acquire)
– not wanting to lose (anything, including face)

– wanting to be famous (special)
– not wanting to be ignored (invisible)

Gratitude to Khyentse Norbu Rinpoche for writing this on a tree in Bhutan! The inclusions in parenthesis are my own.

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