be glad

A little memorial celebration for my mother, Miriam:  it’s 4 months today since she “did a flit” – her own term for death.  She took her last breath at 4 am on the 4th day of April – the 4th month.  (Her favorite number was 13.  Which adds up to 4.  Hmmmm.)

She had orbited the sun 96 times, and while she was visually and audially challenged in her later years her joyousness and wisdom never faded or faltered.

She never had much of an education, being the eldest daughter on a remote New Zealand high country farm in the pioneering days, but she could express herself wonderfully with an innocence unaffected by self-consciousness.  I love this little piece she wrote not long before leaving us:

This Unlit Light - Be Glad

2 thoughts on “be glad

  1. Hi,
    Sorry to hear about your Mom passing.
    I’ve never been to this website before, but noticed that post.
    My mom is all I have left ancestor-wise, and my little niece was born this year on April 4th! God Bless you whoever you are,

    • So kind of you to comment, Kimo. Thank you. May your time with your Mom and your new little niece be filled with joy. And may you be blessed to know God’s unlit light as your own dear Self.

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